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“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

Thich Nhat Hanh 


A B O U T   M E

I am honored to have contributed to the lives of hundreds of individuals over the past 30 years. It has been, and continues to be, my sincere pleasure to do so.


I began my career as a teacher for children with special needs. My work in various public and private schools provided me with the opportunity to experience children of all ages and a vast array of physical, medical, emotional and cognitive challenges.


These settings helped me to realize that I wanted to give each child my undivided attention. In 1994, I started my own business working privately with children diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum. I taught in their homes as I believe the family and the home is the primary foundation for learning. These remarkable young children became my most respected teachers. I did not impose a personal agenda on them. I patiently allowed what was within them to be revealed. I learned that even those who cannot speak, hear or see can always be heard, seen and validated. While I adore working with young children, my focus has shifted primarily to supporting teens and young adults to become their optimal selves.


My approach is, as it always has been, to spontaneously create a 100 % customized partnership. I firmly believe that each person must be granted the allowance to become who they want to be. I listen attentively and non- judgmentally to the specific desires, goals and perceived weaknesses of each person. I provide gentle, honest, humorous and positive encouragement as I assist each person to uncover their own answers. I cherish my relationships with those I have the extraordinary privilege of helping to grow into their most confident, fulfilled, and joyous selves.

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“At no time does the caterpillar question becoming a butterfly.”




Everyone carries a light to give to the world. You can make your light shine brighter by:


Strengthening organizational, communication and relationship skills

Moving through emotional ups and downs

Developing specific strategies to achieve goals

Putting life events into perspective

Finding the value in every experience

Being creative/nurturing talents

Developing respect and love for yourself




“I have referred clients to Aileen for over 20 years, and always with tremendous benefits both to the individual, and to the family as a whole. Aileen has an intuitive ability to connect, even with non-verbal individuals, to help them feel safe, loved, and supported. In my professional experience, Aileen has been instrumental in the personal evolution of scores of young people, creating magic wherever she goes, one person at a time.”


Lauren Lee Stone, PhD, MS, HHP, BCIH, Althea Health and Wellness, Westport, CT



“I worked with Aileen as a kid (ages 6-8) and I currently work with her as an adult.

I can say with certainty that she has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. Beyond being practical and methodical, she also has a deep emotional intuition which results in her being very effective at dealing with a variety of different people’s needs. Since working with her again, I have gotten more organized and have been happier and more productive.”


David, 26, Brooklyn, NY


“Ever since I started talking with Aileen she has helped me develop confidence and has helped motivate me with everything I do in my daily life. I’ve known Aileen since I was a little girl when she was my child therapist and helped me with speech development.  Recently, I made contact with her again because I felt I had a strong connection with her and I felt like I could trust her. She has helped me to have more self -awareness and to understand others and their behaviors better as well. Working together has helped me to grow a lot psychologically and emotionally and I am thankful for everything she does for me.” 


Lily, 19, Roseburg. OR.


“Aileen played a major role in helping me be able to talk as a young child. She spent a lot of time asking me questions, coaxing a response, and I would sometimes receive treats like gummy bears for responding. I learned so well and talked so much that I made up for lost time pretty quickly. As an adult she played a major role in getting me my first job at a children's museum and she taught me the skills I needed to be a good employee.”


Mark, 29, Arlington. VA.


"Aileen has been an essential part of my life, especially during my childhood years.  She was able to guide me through a world that, for my younger eyes, seemed unforgiving and chaotic. Aileen was, in turn, vital in helping me overcome my past mental and emotional trauma."


Julian, 25, Providence, RI.




“Since my son Dylan was three years old, specialists had a hard time deciding if he was suffering with ADD or if he was on the autistic spectrum. It turned out that what he had was, basically, executive functioning issues. He grew up to be a wonderful young man and a skilled artist. He still has problems with initiation, focus and organization. Since he started working with Aileen again, he seems to be not only more organized but also happier. Their on-line sessions have proven to be very effective in helping him to be more productive, and that helps him feel better about himself. She is genuinely empathic and generous, and very lively. She also is a very fast thinker, and finds creative solutions that are tailored for his needs.”


Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina


“I have known Aileen for over 15 years. She taught my children social skills for several years when they were very young. Early this year, my eldest, now a young adult, reached out to Aileen.  Communicating with teenagers can be challenging and yet Aileen is able to do so effortlessly. Aileen is straightforward, honest, and intuitive to the needs of others.”


Marie, Amity, OR.