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“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

Thich Nhat Hanh 


A B O U T   M E

I am honored to have contributed to the lives of hundreds of individuals over the past 33 years. It has been, and continues to be, my sincere pleasure to do so.

I began my career as a teacher for children with special needs. My work in various public and private schools provided me with the opportunity to experience children of all ages with a vast array of physical, medical, emotional and cognitive challenges. These experiences helped me to realize that I wanted to give each individual my undivided attention. In 1994, I started my own business working privately with children diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum. I taught in their homes as I believe the family and the home is the primary foundation for learning. These remarkable young children became my most respected teachers. I did not impose a personal agenda on them. I patiently allowed what was within them to be revealed. I learned that even those who cannot speak, hear or see can always be heard, seen and validated. 12 years ago my focus naturally shifted to supporting teens and young adults to become their optimal selves. Current work includes time management, anxiety reduction, dream interpretation, and general morale boosting. My intention is to reveal the inherent beauty and talent each person possesses. My background has given me great insight into establishing bonds with individuals with a wide array of learning styles. I welcome all those interested in pursuing their own personal growth. My approach is, as it always has been, to spontaneously create a 100 % customized partnership. I believe that each person must be encouraged to become who they want to be. I do not have a standard formula. Together, we create the sessions based on the personality, goals and interests of each individual. I listen attentively and non- judgmentally to the specific desires, goals and perceived weaknesses of each person. I am honest, humorous and positive as I assist each person to uncover their own answers. I cherish my relationships with those I have the extraordinary privilege of helping to grow into their most confident, fulfilled, and joyous selves.

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“At no time does the caterpillar question becoming a butterfly.”




Everyone carries a light to give to the world. You can make your light shine brighter by:

Developing respect and love for yourself

Discovering the value in every experience

Being creative and nurturing your talents

Developing achievable strategies to achieve your goals

Strengthening organizational, communication and relationship skills

Moving through emotional ups and downs

Putting life events into perspective

Enjoying yourself




“I have referred clients to Aileen for over 20 years, and always with tremendous benefits both to the individual, and to the family as a whole. Aileen has an intuitive ability to connect, even with non-verbal individuals, to help them feel safe, loved, and supported. In my professional experience, Aileen has been instrumental in the personal evolution of scores of people, creating magic wherever she goes, one person at a time.”


Lauren Lee Stone, PhD, MS, HHP, BCIH, Althea Health and Wellness, Westport, CT



“I began working with Aileen in early 2020.  I contacted her because I felt I needed support both emotionally and organizationally at that point in my life. She has helped me enormously since then. Aileen has had the emotional sensitivity to help me figure out what changes I need to make in my life and the practical know how to help me realize them. Since working with her, I'm more confident, happier, and am better at pursuing the things I am passionate about. I'm a composer, musician and teacher who a year ago struggled to manage my time as a teacher as well as to make progress on my first solo album. I am now proceeding consistently in making this album that I feel passionate about and I am enjoying teaching more. I also feel my teaching has improved a lot. Aileen has been a huge help to me and I greatly recommend her.”


David, 27, Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Aileen was a huge influence in my life when I was a little girl. At that time, she helped me to gain social skills and to successfully express my needs verbally. In March of 2020 when the pandemic just hit, I was at my lowest point. I reached out to Aileen for guidance because I knew I trusted her. She has helped me to grow and become strong ever since. She has helped me to find my own voice and she has taught me how to communicate my needs and my boundaries in a healthy and honest way. I recommend Aileen because she is not only a very supportive individual but because she will help give insight to situations that one may not be able to see clearly for themselves."

Lily, 21, Eugene OR


“I started working with Aileen at the end of the summer of 2020. I was preparing to go back to college after six months of uncertainty, constant change, and anxiety provoking situations. Aileen's unique perspectives and techniques transformed my fearful outlook into a can do mindset. One year later, my self confidence has increased substantially, allowing me to problem solve and overcome any obstacle thrown my way." 


Bridget, 21, Newark, DE


"I have been working with Aileen since August of 2020. She has been a guide and a mentor through a time that has been particularly challenging. She has provided a means for me to navigate a world that, through my eyes, was harsh and unforgiving. These strides have been made possible with Aileen's help. I am now able to step back  and revisit my trouble points with a new perspective. She goes above and beyond by establishing connections even outside of session hours, and confronts deep, personal issues with innovative methods. Up until now, my approaches to alleviating anxiety have been one dimensional. Aileen shows me ways to break through surface level mental and emotional barriers. In doing so, we share dreams and stories, both as a means to ground myself and to better grasp my subconscious. From our discussions, new tools are created that allow me to live mindfully and lovingly."


Julian, 26, Providence, RI



“Since my son Dylan was three years old, specialists had a hard time deciding if he was suffering with ADD or if he was on the autistic spectrum. It turned out that what he had was, basically, executive functioning issues. He grew up to be a wonderful young man and a skilled artist. He still has problems with initiation, focus and organization. Since he started working with Aileen again, he seems to be not only more organized but also happier. Their on-line sessions have proven to be very effective in helping him to be more productive, and that helps him feel better about himself. She is genuinely empathic and generous, and very lively. She also is a very fast thinker, and finds creative solutions that are tailored for his needs.”


Lucila, Brooklyn, NY


“I have known Aileen for over 15 years. She taught my children social skills for several years when they were very young. Communicating with teenagers can be challenging and yet Aileen is able to do so effortlessly. Aileen is straightforward, honest, and intuitive to the needs of others.”


Marie, Roseburg, OR

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